VoIP for Business is Key Next-Gen SMB Asset

A recent report by the Heavy Reading IP Services Insider, Cloud Telephony:  The Battle over SMBs, indicates that SMBs “…are the hottest vertical for cloud telephony” and “increased workforce mobility is driving more interest in applications such as unified communications”. Fitting into a previously untapped market niche in order to provide truly personal-level service for companies with less than 20 people – of which statistics show there are millions. Many of these companies don’t have a phone ‘system’ to speak of, and when they go shopping for solutions they are looking most for a customized personal experience.

Driven by that precise growth in the small business sector, cloud telephony service providers can expect a substantial increase in revenues over the next 12 to 18 months.  This business segment is quickly gravitating toward hosted voice services and other cloud computing applications as a means to access advanced technology for their business without a large capital outlay.

That’s why their focus these days is on combining cloud technology with personal service all the way down to the end user level. There is a lot of momentum in the market for solutions that are not CAPEX-centric; technology that helps small companies resolve everyday tasks better, faster, and cheaper than the competition. Most importantly, without them having to be concerned with reliability and usability.

Telecom in the SMB market is such a volatile area currently, there is no room for doubt regarding product integrity, reliable software, and quality customer service. In today’s economy it’s not enough to focus on price. SMB’s and entrepreneurs are focused on utilizing emerging technology efficiently to accomplish many goals, especially where delivering a high quality product to guarantee superior customer satisfaction is concerned.



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