The Global Fibernet Top Ten List: Reasons to Move Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

When the term Cloud is used we are describing the hosting of your business communications systems on the web. Using versatility and affordability, Global Fibernet offers the little company advantages historically reserved to the enterprise level company.

1. No Set-up hassles

Conventional telephone applications have historically required tens of thousands of dollars for hardware and installation purposes. Global Fibernet demands no set up, no hard PBX container installation and especially no costly onsite maintenance appointments.

2. Long-term Cost savings

By hosting the entire communications system on the internet, companies only pay for their own secure internet connection and bandwidth which they already require to operate their company successfully.

3. Complete DIY Control

Altering connections, phone lines or especially handling an upgrade formerly required the actual big telephone organization to schedule an appointment for an on-site tech installation. With Global Fibernet hosted PBX you have complete do-it-yourself control thru a straightforward user-friendly web portal.

4. VFS: Versatility. Flexibility. Scalability.

Versatility means it is perfect in charging a small company atmosphere with enterprise attitude. Flexibility means you have on-demand control for hooking up or deactivating a brand new division of workstations, whether increasing or downsizing. Scalability allows your business plans and cloud to grow as your business goals require.

5. Enterprise Level Business Phone Services

Voicemail-to-e-mail. Fax-to-email. Virtual Attendants. Find me / Follow me. All these systems are available to the Global Fibernet VoIP customer to increase work effectiveness.

6. No-Hassle Automatic Updates

Never worry about applying your business phone software updates or requiring brand new equipment and brand new problems. Updates are automatic from your host so as to be smooth and seamless.

7. Telecom is Not Your Business

Your SMB isn’t company phone techniques, and you shouldn’t need and Phd. in Telephony. Your system is skillfully installed off-site with your input being limited to customer instead of manager. This enables you to do what you do best without having to stress about your office communications.

8. Your New Base of Operations is Now Everywhere

Making your central communications hub the cloud, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, you can now be everywhere AND at the office.

9. Disaster Recovery Costs Included

By removing the need for costly on-premise hardware, clients may remain in touch anywhere regardless of the situation associated, like fire, flood or any other catastrophe. Along with located telephone systems, your own phone program could keep your business operating.

10. Go Gradually

Tired of costly migrations toward premise-based business phone systems? All or nothing solutions have a high potential for failure in today’s SMB market. Having complete control over your scalability with the Global Fibernet PBX solution means you can grow at any pace you are most comfortable with. Your plan, tools and costs can grow as gradual as you choose.



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