With the economy the way it is, we know how difficult it is to find unique ways to downsize expenses. But you don’t have to give up an arm and a leg just to save a couple bucks. One of the simplest and fastest ways to cut transportation, sales, and operations costs is to encourage better use of conferencing.

Conferencing | Global Fibernet

Global Fibernet Conferencing features the best, crystal-clear toll-free reservationless conferencing, in addition to the greatest flexibility features in the industry. Our local dial-in numbers are available in 23 international cities at no additional charge. With the ability to instantly conference hundreds of callers at once, Global Fibernet Conferencing is the obvious solution.

We make switching to Global Fibernet Conferencing simple. New customers can transfer existing PINs to our conferencing solution for quick startup and easy use. With our state-of-the-art Web portal, you can completely manage all aspects of your conference. Global Fibernet Conferencing allows you to identify noisy participants, mute specific individuals, run advanced reports, and secure your call once all known participants have entered.

Maybe you are using Global Fibernet Conferencing for sales. Perhaps you need it for marketing, customer support, training, or team meeting. Whatever the reason, you know you are saving the maximum amount on every call. In the current economic climate, avoiding any unnecessary drives, flights, or in-person meeting by conferencing saves you money! Cut your bank account some slack, and improve efficiency with Global Fibernet Conferencing – the ultimate voice conferencing system.

Key Features:

  • 60 minutes included
  • Top quality, crystal clear Toll Free reservationless conferencing
  • Nationwide Toll Free dial-in number
  • Local dial-in numbers from 23 International cities at no extra charge (*Local calling tariff applies)
  • General domestic dial-in number for other International callers (*International calling tariff applies)
  • Capacity for 100s of participants per conference
  • Complete customer support by live personnel
  • Duplication of existing Host/Guest codes or PINs (subject to availability) for seamless transition
  • Web Portal for real-time management of all aspects of conference calls
  • Ability to assign a name to each caller for easy identification of participants
  • Ability to secure a conference by preventing additional callers from joining the call once all participants have been identified
  • Ability to identify noisy participants and to mute individual participants
  • Ability to put conference into Lecture or Question-and-Answer mode
  • Online reports with stats for all conferences and for each caller
  • Free conference recording (up to 6 hours per conference call). Recordings available for up to one month.
  • Phone playback or computer download/playback of recorded conferences